WHO Says Prolonged Wearing Of Face Mask Not Dangerous

The World Health Organization Has Said A Claim Being Widely Shared On Social Media That The Prolonged Wearing Of Masks Can Be Dangerous Is “Not True At All”,.

An Article Making The Claim First Appeared Online In Spanish Towards The End Of April. It Circulated Widely In Spanish-Speaking Countries, Before A Translation Appeared On English Outlets And A Nigerian News Site.

The Report Alleged That Prolonged Breathing While Wearing Masks Leads To Inhalation Of Carbon Dioxide, Which Makes People Dizzy And Deprives The Body Of Oxygen.

It Also Claimed People Should Lift Masks “Every 10 Minutes To Continue Feeling Healthy”.

Dr Richard Mihigo From The WHO Told The BBC The Claims Could Actually Pose A Health Risk.

He Said People Could Be Exposed To Contamination If They Keep Lifting Masks To Inhale.

He Added That Masks Made Following WHO Guidelines Should Have Two Or More Cloth Layers To Be Effective, And “Should Allow You To Breathe Normally And Prevent Particles From Passing Through”.

The Only Risk Is For Children Under Two Years Old Whose Lungs Have Not Fully Developed. They Are Not Advised To Homemade Masks.


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